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Solar cell layer on wearable displays


When it comes to technology, given the same package, we always want more fitted in. Such that in our smartwatches today, we're looking at features from the basic heartrate monitor to dedicated standalone GPS and even an ECG function we're starting to see more. And when you do use the functions, you consume more power from the device's battery. This translates to more recharging of the device and downtime.

Adding a solar cell layer on top of the screen of your device is going to help increase the intervals between the usage and charging of the device.

Applications and performance

PV layout on cover lens

Below we see two typical layout of the solar layer on a smart wearable cover lens.

Having PV elements also on the active area of your display will generate a greater harvest of energy.


Adding a solar layer on your smart wearable design will increase the battery life on your device in today's features-competitive market.

Get in touch with us for a product demonstration and a discussion on an integration solution you can add to your display solution.


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