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Solutions for HUD (Head Up Display)

Head up displays are becoming increasingly popular in recent years in the automotive industry as this equipment is transiting from being a paid option to being incorporated as a standard feature.

It allows the driver to see critical information whilst still looking forward and keeping an eye on the road conditions. Information such as speed, road directions can displayed on the windshield.

Truly manufactures liquid crystal display (LCD) panels with excellent performance and resolution that are especially made for automotive HUDs. For optimum performance in HUD applications, these LCDs provide high light transmittance, excellent resolution, and the automotive industry's required wide operating temperature range.

Below is an example of our 3.1" LTPS based TFT LCD display suitable for use in a HUD based application.

Truly is a preferred supplier of high-performance LCD and OLED displays for automotive, industrial, consumer and medical applications. We are listed in the Hong Kong stock exchange (code: 00732.HK) and have 4 TFT panel production plants in different generations.

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